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Get the sales and marketing results you really want.

We help companies increase sales productivity and marketing effectiveness.

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What does your business need?

Our scope of work is defined by what you're aiming to accomplish.

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  • Generate better sales and biz dev results

  • Improve marketing ROI

  • Create a sales and marketing strategy

  • Build a sales team

  • Launch a marketing campaign

  • Hire and/or optimize a marketing agency

  • Define and measure performance metrics

  • Improve customer retention

  • Interim sales or marketing leadership 

What We Do 

Although specific tactics vary by project, our fundamental approach is centered on establishing an environment of quantifiable success and continuous improvement.   

We help you define what's needed

  • Sales plans aligned with corporate objectives

  • Intentional marketing that drives results 

  • Clear direction for marketing agencies


We help you understand what's happening

  • Activity tracking and results analysis

  • Dynamic sales funnels

  • Reports, scorecards and dashboards

We help your people succeed

  • Sales training and coaching 

  • Sales and marketing playbooks

  • Defined roles, goals and organizational structure 

  • Performance management programs

  • Behavior-driving sales compensation plans

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In addition to increased productivity and effectiveness, our work also leaves a long-lasting impact on the culture of your organization.

  • Accountability and recognition

  • Engaged, informed, empowered employees

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Career development

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About Status Go

Owner/consultant, Matt Roskuski, has over two decades of executive-level experience in sales, marketing and sales operations. Perpetually challenging the status quo, he has particular expertise driving change and moving organizations forward. His unique and versatile skillset was honed while working for companies of various sizes, across a diverse collection of industries.

Companies Matt has helped include:

  • Crocs


  • Summit Brands

  • Physicians Health Plan 

  • Sweetwater

  • AT&T

  • Cellular One 

  • Centennial Wireless

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Let's Talk

What are your goals and challenges?  Maybe we can help!  

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